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Extreme Moisture Souffle - 2 oz.

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Extreme Moisture Souffle is nut oil based and contains no preservatives.  Starts as a solid cream and melts on contact with skin.  Relieves the dryness as well as the irritation and itch that can accompany the dryness.

May be used on any external are that is extremely dry.  can help alleviate the dryness and itch of eczema and psoriasis.  Has also been used to relieve the dryness and itch of chemo patches. 

Extreme Moisture Souffle can be used on any dry, rough, itchy places on your skin.  If your hands are so dry they are cracking, apply the product at night and put on cotton gloves.  You will notice results in the morning.


I was recently in a car accident and received extensive air bag abrasions on my chin, neck and chest.  I used Extreme Moisture Souffle on all of those areas to take away the itch and help speed healing.  It also prevented scarring.


Contains:  Babasu Oil, Shea Butter, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Apricot Wax and Glycerine


*This product contains no preservatives and may require refrigeration depending on rate of use.  Has an unrefrigerated shelf life of 3 months.

**Product is made of oils that are non-reactive for the average person. Discontinue use of this product is you develop any type of allergic reaction.