Dragonfly Rain

I suffer from very dry skin that is aggravated by the dry Idaho weather.   I tried all of the commercial moisturizing soaps and lotions and still had the red dry patches on my arms and legs.  My first soaps and lotions were made for my own use to help moisturize my skin and get rid of the dryness and irritation caused by commercial soaps and body washes.

When the dry patches on my arms disappeared, I shared the soaps and lotions with family and friends.  I gave them samples of the soaps and lotions and they have all become permanent customers.  And they've told their friends.

During a visit to my nurse practitioner, she told me there is a real need for a natural lubricating product for post menopausal women.  Together we developed Extreme Moisture Souffle made of non reactive oils and no preservatives.  We have not yet found anyone that has had an allergic reaction to this product.

My nurse practitioner started testing Extreme Moisture Souffle on other problem skin areas and discovered the moisturizing properties encouraged healing in other applications as well.  It can be used on any dry, itchy areas and the nut oils help promote healing and relieve the itch.


Dragonfly Rain is a small home based business created to meet the needs of people with dry skin.   Our producys are not mass produced.

Our soaps are well cured and are formulated to provide great lather while moisturizing and softening your skin.

Our lotions, creams and body butters do not contain the fillers you find in commercial products, so you will use less and notice better results.  I have several male clients that are mechanics or in the construction field and they use our lotion to keep their hands from drying and cracking.

We use fresh nut oils and butters to craft our soaps and lotions.  We do not use tallows or shortening as fillers.

Our packaging is simple so you don't pay the costs for fancy packaging. 

You will also find that the soap bars may not be in perfect rectangles.  The soap settles differently every time I pour it.  I could plane it and make every bar a perfect rectangle, but I'd rather just leave it on the bar for you. 

We offer popular essential oils for those that prefer the all natural experience. We also have variety of fragrance oils in stock that may be used to scent your soap or lotion upon request.

Our soaps take 5 weeks to cure, so at times our selection may be limited.  If you don't see the fragrance you crave in stock, just ask.  Available fragrances are listed on the side menu.

Lotions and Extreme Moisture Souffle and suppositories are made as they are ordered so you always get a fresh product.

Soaps and lotions can be custom crafted to accommodate for allergies.


Can't find something you've been craving?  Send me an email and I'll do my best to help!!!!!!


Becky Goehring