Skeeter Beeter Lotion - Natural Mosquito Repellant


This is a natural DEET free mosquito repellent with lemon balm as the main ingredient. It has a light texture and light , pleasant lemony scent.  It also adds moisture to your skin while repelling the little biting beasts.

Its been tested in Boise and Caldwell on people from age 5 to 69 who mosquitoes usually love to chew on.  Mosquitoes do not like it.

Most recently its been taken to Africa and its been reported it does a better job than DEET there too.




This product contains distilled water, lemon balm, sunflower oil, glycerin, emulsifying wax, steric acid, and a small amount of preservative.



A Word of Caution.  We found out the hard way that if you leave this product in a hot car it will melt and separate.  If that happens, take the bottle to a cool place and shake vigorously, then let it sit and cool, shaking from time to time til it turns back to lotion.  If you keep the product out of strong sun and below 110°, it will not melt.



DO NOT use this product if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.  If you are allergic to sunflower oil, I can make it with olive oil for you.


Two 8 oz. tubes or three 4 oz. tubes will fit in a Priority Mail envelop.

Product   Price
4 oz. Skeeter Beater   $3.00
8 oz. Skeeter Beater   $6.50